Installation Split Air conditioner

A Installation split air conditioner is an intelligent way of improving your home’s comfort levels throughout the year. When used for cooling, the split system air conditioner extracts hot air and humidity from inside and expels them through its outdoor compressor. Air from outside is then cooled and distributed throughout the home via copper pipes. When used for heating, the system extracts cold air and circulates warm air throughout the room instead.

By installing a system that works all year round, you simplify the regular maintenance required and only need to handle the expense of installing one system, not separate heating and cooling systems. We provide services such as new ac installation in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai and other related activities.

Split system air conditioners are especially good for heating or cooling one particular area of your home, meaning you can avoid wasting money on heating or cooling the whole home when it is not needed.

By installing a sleek, modern split system air conditioner at your home, you can:
  • Purify your home’s air, thanks to the split system’s filters
  • Ensure a comfortable environment throughout the year
  • Save money on your energy bills by only heating or cooling the rooms that you require Book Today AC installation services in Mumbai for best rates & Get Dr. Ac trained and certified professionals at your doorstep.